Help Build a Pet Enclosure at Warmland

Warmland House Shelter operates in accordance to BC Housing Standards. One of these standards speaks specifically to supporting individuals who have pets.

For those unhoused community members with pets, the lack of an appropriate pet enclosure is a barrier to staying at the shelter, leaving both them and their pets out in the cold. Providing a dry, secure, enclosure for pets will allow individuals to receive shelter knowing their pets are safe and warm. The BCSPCA states:

"dogs left outdoors must have an outdoor kennel that is weather and draft proof. In addition, outdoor animal enclosures should be elevated, insulated (walls & flooring), lined with dry bedding, have an entrance that protects against wind/rain/snow, and have fresh water in spill/freeze proof bowl."

Providing such a space for pets could also mitigate the risk of animals being surrendered to the SPCA because they don't have adequate shelter. Warmland House has the space available to build a BCSPCA approved enclosure for pets, but lacks the funds for constructions and materials.  A modest budget to provide such an enclosure has been set at $11,000.

All donations over $20 to the CMHA Cowichan Valley Branch supporting the construction of this enclosure will receive a tax receipt.



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