Homelessness Doesn't Discriminate

My name is Molly,  I am in my second year of University to become a Social Worker and Lawyer. I work at McDonald’s and volunteer at my local food bank.
In 2018–2019, I faced a life-threatening substance use disorder. I was no longer engaged in my life and stopped attending school. I spent most of my time in downtown Victoria, witnessing the horrible conditions homeless youth endured. I became part of the “family” in downtown Victoria and got to know the homeless youth personally. With the support of my family and Peak House in Vancouver I took control of my life and succeeded in dealing with my substance use.
I learned homelessness is not what most people think it is and that the reasons people become homeless are not what society believes they are. Now I am campaigning to raise awareness and destigmatize homelessness and drug addiction. I am looking for your help and support to get supplies to each youth and adult living on the streets in Cowichan.
This year's Point in Time Count, which I volunteered to support, counted 229 individuals living on our streets. This is 229 too many. Through your financial support as well as donated supplies, I intend to create a minimum of 150 backpacks full of basic supplies and distribute them in October 2023.
No one wants to be homeless or addicted to substances. With your help, people can break the cycle. Together we can make a difference in our community. Homelessness Doesn't Discriminate.

All donations over $20 to the CMHA Cowichan Valley Branch supporting the construction of this enclosure will receive a tax receipt.



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