Support Rainbows Program for Children & Youth

The RAINBOWS program is an effective peer support program for children and their families; whether single parent families, step families or families in painful transition. The program is designed specifically for children who have suffered a significant loss in their lives, either by death, divorce or any other painful transition. 

This program is a peer support group led by caring, trained staff and volunteers. The children are divided into small groups according to their developmental stage and situation. Children, adults and all volunteers agree to confidentiality, which forms the basis of trust within the peer group.

This program consists of 12 weekly sessions divided into two 6 week semesters. Once a week the children come together in small groups to discuss various topics relating to the change in their family unit; such as Self, Trust, Anger, Family and Coping strategies. The children share in activities and discussions that are focused on each topic. After 6 sessions, there is a ‘Celebrate Me’ day. During this event, the children meet together with the other participants. At the closing celebrations, their parents are invited.

We believe that one’s financial ability must not be a deterrent to participation in the program and therefore RAINBOWS is offered free of charge to all registrants. Each session costs approximately $3,300 to deliver. This includes two staff members and a small budget for administration and supplies. 

Groups are currently offered twice a year in late September and January but there is sufficient demand for at least 2 additional groups as there is always a waiting list and participants are waiting for up to a year for a space. A small amount of funding is available from BC Gaming but we rely heavily on donations for this program. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more from individuals, businesses, service clubs, churches and other organisations within the community that may want to sponsor this program. If you would like to make a donation to sponsor or support RAINBOWS, please use the link below or send us an email.

Please note that CMHA Cowichan Valley Branch does not share donor information nor will we contact donors by email or telephone unless permission has been granted to do so. 

All donations and sponsorships will be publicly acknowledged unless directed otherwise. Donations by mail should be sent to:

CMHA Cowichan Valley Branch

#552/554 Trunk Road

Duncan, BC

V9L 2R1



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