CMHA Cowichan Valley Branch - Transitional Housing

Serving as a bridge from shelter living to private rental markets, several Cowichan Valley apartment units are sub-leased by the CMHA-CVB and used as transitional housing.

Clients are placed in these units when they come available, and usually after spending some time working towards success through their individualized Moving Forward Plan. In most cases men or women have moved from a shelter space, to the bunk-house, to an apartment and eventually to a market housing unit.

Warmland’s Housing program staff and Outreach Support work diligently during the initial months of tenancy to ensure a smooth transition for both the landlord and new tenant. Warmland has seen great success with this program, with clients eventually renting the apartment on their own, and Warmland being given another suite to sublet within the building.

CMHA-CVB presently has 19 transitional units that house 33 individuals. If you would like to support Housing & Outreach Services and have a property that would lend itself to transitional housing, please meet with us to discuss and review our references. Talk to the building managers and owners who house our clients through this process. We have clients who are ready to move forward and just need a chance and a place to call home.

For more information, please reach out to our Manager of Housing by email.