The Open Door Youth Services Centre

When CMHA Open Door staff arrive at 371 Festubert Street’s Open Door Integrated Youth Services Centre in the morning, they often find a young person, sometimes two, sleeping in the entranceway. 

Children's Health Foundation

According to ‘A Way Home’ a national coalition dedicated to preventing, reducing and ending youth homelessness in Canada, over 40% of youth were younger than 16 the first time they experienced homelessness.

Every night in the Cowichan Valley the experience of homelessness is a reality for many including youth. Whether it be couch-surfing, sleeping outdoors, or feeling unstable in their current situation. Although shelter housing is available for adults at Warmland Shelter or at the new Women’s Shelter, there are currently no shelter services for youth under 19.

The Open Door Integrated Youth Services Centre is a newly formed extension of the Canadian Mental Health Association's Youth Outreach Engagement Program (YOEP). The Open Door is a space where youth ages 12-24 can connect with staff over a coffee and a snack, do their laundry, have a shower, get clothing and access to medical care and counselling services.  Close partnerships with other community agencies such as Island Health’s Discovery Addiction Services, allow YOEP staff to provide support by connecting youth with long term, ongoing resources not currently offered at the Open Door.

No matter what brings someone through the door, they are always met with caring and welcoming staff eager to offer support in whatever form is needed. It is hoped that the Open Door will prove to be as supportive and meaningful service in its fixed location model as the YOEP has been in its mobile capacity.

As an organization CMHA Cowichan Valley Branch continues to learn and grow in creative and innovative ways within its youth programming. Guided by a vision of accessible, inclusive, person-centered health and well-being support for all youth and young adults within the Cowichan Valley.

This program is currently open for drop in from 8am – 12pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is also accessible at others times throughout the week with the assistance of the YOEP.

A Nurse Practitioner is available on Tuesday mornings and an Outreach Nurse is available Thursday mornings.

Funding for the Open Door generously provided by the Children's Health Foundation.