Mental Health Week

This past year will go down in history as a year when the world as we know it changed. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us about physical distancing, the importance of hand hygiene and masks, and has reminded us that while we cannot be with many of those we love, we can still be connected and show that love in so many different ways.

That is how we feel about the work we do at CMHA Cowichan Valley Branch. We continue to see, listen and care for people in our community as they need support. Only a few of our programs are 'on hold' because of COVID-19 and we have quickly adapted our services to continue to support some of the Cowichan Valley's most vulnerable citizens. 

In celebration of Mental Health Week, May 3-9, 2021, we are excited to introduce you to some of our wonderful staff. In better times, we would invite you to visit our program sites and meet staff in person, but in times of COVID restrictions, we will celebrate the week by sharing faces and a few words from a few key members of our teams. 

Meet Our Team:

Anne Marie T, Manager of Community Engagement and Fund DevelopmentAMheadshot

"For the last three years, I have been pleased to be part of the CMHA-CVB team. My role is largely communications and fundraising. It is my pleasure to spread the word about the good work that we do in the community. My goal is to reduce stigma and increase understanding and support for those in Cowichan Valley that are challenged with mental health and substance use issues and homelessness.

I can say without hesitation that our strength is in our people. I look forward to introducing you to just a few of our almost 100 staff. We have an incredible team of dedicated, caring people. I think you will agree."

Lise H, Executive Director

LiseHaddock“I came to CMHA last year to lead an organization that is committed to working with our most vulnerable in the Cowichan Valley and surrounding area. CMHA's vision, mandate, and commitment to providing Compassionate and Community Care Based Services is a journey that I wanted to be part of.

This journey can only be supported by addressing systemic issues, providing safe, strong and supportive services, and continually advocating for social justice for everyone. 

Supporting wellness for children, youth, and families with the CMHA team and community partners is critical and sacred work. I am honoured to be working with an organization and a team that is committed to meeting the needs of those we have the honour and privilege to serve. We are better working together.”

Please read Lise's Mental Health Week message to the community here.


Anne B, Associate Executive Director

"In my current position, I assist Lise with a variety of admin, operational, personnel, and other issues including contracts, agreements, reporting, planning, and more. I really enjoy the variety and being part of a team in an organization that is committed to helping people in our community. We make a difference in people’s lives every single day. Our purpose and work are important to me.
Organizations like ours have worked hard for many years to bring the subject of mental health and addictions into the light, reduce stigma, and make it much more acceptable for people to talk about their challenges and seek help. We continue on this path as an advocate and as a provider of mental health services.
It is very rewarding to play a role in this and to know that my small contribution is part of a bigger picture."

Adrien H, Shelter Worker, Warmland House

"I am very honoured to be a part of the Warmland House Team. I came to this work to help and support people in the Quw'utsun' community where I was raised. I have learned that with everything we do here at the shelter - we are making a difference.
Working at Warmland has taught me the importance of supporting everyone's mental health needs... and that everyone deserves a safe place to come to. Everyone matters!"

Catherine M, Executive Assistant

"I’ve been with CMHA-CVB for a little over 2 years. I do my best to make sure things run smoothly for the organization on the administrative side.
I’m drawn to the work of CMHA-CVB because I care, and because I’m aware. I’m aware that I am very fortunate to have a job, a home, and good mental health and I wish these things for everyone.
I have so much respect for our CMHA-CVB front-line workers and the challenging work that they do, and I am happy to be in the background supporting them however I can. I like to see my role as” helping the people that help the people that need some help. It’s a team effort and I am grateful to be on a team that believes in, and works for, the greater good.


Braedon N, Team Lead, Warmland House Shelter

"I have been a shelter worker at CMHA for 8 months now. I’m drawn to the work done by CMHA because we give people a safe and caring place to be in tough times."


Robyn, BounceBack CoachRobyn

"I have always been a natural helper and love working with people. Working with our program participants, our Bounce Back team and the larger CMHA-CVB team has been very rewarding to me.
What I love so much about the Bounce Back program is that it’s an available resource without many barriers. Because Bounce Back provides telephone coaching, participants get the same service whether they live in a big city or remote community. Lack of transportation or other things that can often prevent people from seeking help are a non-issue for Bounce Back. I lived in Northern BC for a very long time and being able to provide resources to underserved communities has become very important to me since. "

AdultOutreachJean F and Ashley O, Adult Outreach Workers

"As outreach workers we take pride in supporting all those who are experiencing many unfortunate factors in life with a judgement free and safe environment. Being able too provide  individuals that need our help brings us great joy. We have a client focused approach and provide recourses in hopes of connecting clients with additional support that we cannot provide them."

Kaska W, Sexual Abuse Intervention Program Counsellor and Rainbows Coordinator


"I am passionate about working with children, youth and families and that is why I was drawn to working with CMHA. Being part of an agency that strives to support equal  provision of mental health services to all members of the community, I have the privilege and honor to walk alongside children, youth and their caregivers on their healing journey."


Thank you for taking a few minutes to meet some of our key staff at the CMHA-CVB. Please feel free to share this with your networks. We encourage you to make a donation to support our work in a variety of ways including:

We recognize that you may be facing challenges with your mental health and/or your finances. If you cannot donate today, that’s okay. We already know you are connected to our work and when the time is right you will be there for us. Some of you have recently donated and for that we THANK YOU!

Other ways to support us includes sharing the programs and services we offer with your networks. If you are active on any social media platforms please follow us and share our posts so that others are able to find the support that they need, or perhaps offer us some support during these extraordinary times.

Thank you for being a champion for the CMHA Cowichan Valley Branch and for your ongoing support. Thank you for taking care of each other and for understanding how important our continued work reducing stigma around mental health and substance use is. Thank you and please take care of yourselves, your friends and families and your neighbours. 

We are better standing together.

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